Thursday, July 24, 2014

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Celebrate CEMA’s 40th Anniversary! Come Out for a Night of Comedy! In Remembrance Dave Cortese for Mayor Fundraiser
Celebrate CEMA’s 40th Anniversary! Read about this special celebration on July 24th and buy your tickets
Come Out for a Night of Comedy! See famed comic, Will Durst, at the San Jose Improv. 
In Remembrance It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Richard Rapacchietta.  Richard was CEMA’s Vice President, and he worked for the County nearly 35 years.  He will be greatly missed.  
Dave Cortese for Mayor Fundraiser The Cortese event, in which CEMA co-sponsored, was a big hit.

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CEMA Unionizes Ace Members in the Courts

Last week CEMA hosted a meeting at the Superior Court of Santa Clara to welcome new members into the CEMA  Full Story

Opinions From the Harris v. Quinn Decision

Some folks are suggesting the Harris decision should force progressives to re-think public employee support.  Full Story

CalPERS Closes the Year with 18.4% Earnings

Dale Kasler of the Sacramento Bee reports that CalPERS once again closed the year with a “double digit” return.

Don’t Suffer a False Sense of Confidence With 401K Plan

Just because the economy has increase, don’t think our 401K plan will be enough to retire on.   Full Story

LA Police Reject One Year Deal

According to the LA Times, LAPD rank and file rejected a one year deal.  They are unhappy with  Full Story

Pension Reform Still Costly for Sacramento

While police officers are going to be paying into their pensions – both the employee and employer side – they had to  Full Story


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Welcome New November & December Members;

  • Maroun Akiel -- Sheriff's
  • Peter Castro III -- SSA
  • Chris Cheung -- Public Health
  • Meng (Wesley) Chong -- Sheriff's
  • Jacqueline Esquivel-Rodriguez -- VMC
  • Pamella Florence -- Custody Health
  • Derek Frazier -- Correction's
  • Christopher Huynh -- SSA
  • Nitu Jain -- Assessor's
  • April Kihara -- Mental Health
  • Shu-Jen Lin -- SSA
  • Lorena Madrid -- County Executive
  • Lan Nguyen -- Mental Health
  • Bagla Ranjan -- SSA
  • Cheryl Schneider -- Assessor's
  • Lisa Smith -- VMC
  • Ryan Tapia -- VHP
  • Chitra Venkatesh -- VMC

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