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CEMA Office Holiday Schedule Salary Realignments Sent To The County CEMA Executive Board Elections CEMA Members In Registrar of Voters Pull Together To Count the Vote
CEMA Office Holiday Schedule The CEMA office will be open during the holidays.  The holiday schedule is:
Salary Realignments Sent To The County Posted below are the classifications that have been recommended by CEMA to the County for realignment. 
CEMA Executive Board Elections It’s time to elect CEMA Executive Board members.
CEMA Members In Registrar of Voters Pull Together To Count the Vote Many of you may have seen the numerous stories in the media regarding the resignation of a CEMA IT Manager in the Registrar of Voters on Election Day.

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STO Cash Out – That Time is Here Again!

CEMA Members have a contract feature that allows you to cash out a portion of our Scheduled Time Off (STO)  Full Story

Administrative Time Off – An Often Overlooked Contract Benefit

Many of you are not using your Administrative Time Off (ATO) as best you could.   Full Story

Defined Benefit Plans More Cost Effective

View this non-nonsense report, written by the National Institute on Retirement Security, which clearly shows DB Plans to be more cost effective than defined contribution plans.

Wall St: We Won’t Tell You How We Invest Your $

Increasing, states and municipalities are refusing to divulge how your retirement dollars are being invested.  Read this troubling article by David Sirota of  Moyers & Company

County’s Director of Child Support Services Dismissed!

Read the SanJoseInside for the scoop on John Vartanian’s dismissal.

County Office of Human Relations Reports on High Cost of Living

Read this very insightful article, put together by the County’s OHR Department.   Full Story

CEMA Welcomes Two New Board Members

Please join CEMA in welcoming our two newest Executive Board Members – Steve Gaul and Lisa Sater.  Full Story

Chuck Reed – The Gift That Keeps On Giving…NOT!

Reed is making pension reform his lasting legacy, at all cost.  Read the article in  Full Story

Working OT in the Registrar of Voters Office

On countless occasions, CEMA has talked with the County about the absurd use of OT.  Finally stuff hits the fan and…  Full Story

Fear vs. Truth Regarding Unfunded Liability

The words, “unfunded liability” cause fear and knee-jerk reactions, but read  Full Story

Union Employees Help Bankruptcy Process

This insightful article in The Sacramento Bee shows how collaboration with unions have helped municipalities  Full Story


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