Tuesday, September 02, 2014

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CEMA Celebrates Labor! CEMA’s 40th Anniversary A Big Hit!! Come Out for a Night of Comedy! In Remembrance
CEMA Celebrates Labor! We wish all of you a great Labor Day.  You deserve it!
CEMA’s 40th Anniversary A Big Hit!! Close to 300 people enjoyed CEMA’s big bash.  Check out the Photos
Come Out for a Night of Comedy! See famed comic, Will Durst, at the San Jose Improv. 
In Remembrance It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Richard Rapacchietta.  Richard was CEMA’s Vice President, and he worked for the County nearly 35 years.  He will be greatly missed.  

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County Spends $60M in OT for 2013

Pick your flavor…those employees making $65K or More…, or All 2013 OT.  Full Story

Contract Negotiatons Update

CEMA continues to work with the County on a new contract that expands  Full Story

Employee Pensions Robbed to Fund Sports Stadiums

We thought Detroit was broke.  But wait…turns out they can afford sporting venues.   Full Story

A Tale of Two Cities Regarding Pensions

CalPERS situation is different from Chicago’s or Detroits.  Read about the  Full Story

The Frightening Truth for Those Without Pensions

The cold hard reality is that for many, there is no way to save for retirement.   Full Story

L.A. Handed A Loss In Their Bid To Cut Pension Benefits

The Employee Relations Board sided with workers in handing L.A. a loss in their bid to reduce employee pensions.

CalPERS Approves Change to Pension FUnding

CalPERS approved a proposal that includes higher pay for temp workers.   Full Story

Where Does California Rank Among 50 States?

CA may be doing well in terms of obesity and life expectancy, but after that  Full Story


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