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SEIU 521 Settles – Strike Averted! County CEMA Salary Increase Coming June 22, 2015 PD Luncheon is a Big Success! What are Unit Based Teams?
SEIU 521 Settles – Strike Averted! All CEMA members should report to work as normal.
County CEMA Salary Increase Coming June 22, 2015 Effective June 22, 2015, all CEMA members will experience an hourly wage increase of 9.46%. 
PD Luncheon is a Big Success! The luncheon on May 14, 2015, was very well attended.  Read President’s Chantri’s speech. Chantri PD Speech 5-14-15 Check Out the Pictures!
What are Unit Based Teams?

A new Toolkit shared!

The linked documents have a wealth of information surrounding the Unit Based Teams

+ Latest News

No Strike – SEIU Ratifies Contract with Santa Clara County

On Wednesday, July 22 SEIU completed its re-vote of the Social Services Unit  Full Story

24/7 Whistleblower Program

The 24/7 Whistleblower Program was started in Santa Clara County in 2010.  County employees and the  Full Story

SEIU Rejects Tentative Agreement With The County

On the evening of July 10, 2015, SEIU 521 voted down the Tentative Agreement with Santa Clara County.    Full Story

CEMA Receives ITTI Charter

More than 40 CEMA members attended a meeting this week with the County Chief Information Officer Joyce Wing,  Full Story

County’s Director of Child Support Services Dismissed!

Read the SanJoseInside for the scoop on John Vartanian’s dismissal.

County Office of Human Relations Reports on High Cost of Living

Read this very insightful article, put together by the County’s OHR Department.   Full Story

Defined Benefit Plans More Cost Effective

View this non-nonsense report, written by the National Institute on Retirement Security, which clearly shows DB Plans to be more cost effective than defined contribution plans.

Fear vs. Truth Regarding Unfunded Liability

The words, “unfunded liability” cause fear and knee-jerk reactions, but read  Full Story

Union Employees Help Bankruptcy Process

This insightful article in The Sacramento Bee shows how collaboration with unions have helped municipalities  Full Story

Wall St: We Won’t Tell You How We Invest Your $

Increasing, states and municipalities are refusing to divulge how your retirement dollars are being invested.  Read this troubling article by David Sirota of  Moyers & Company

The Bad News: It’s Going To Take Longer To Retire!

For new employees, it will take longer before you can receive pension benefits.  Read the article  Full Story

Lost Your Ballot?

If you lost your election ballot or didn’t receive one, you must contact TrueBallot at 866-273-1620 to get a replacement.  Remember, ballots will be counted the morning of February 27th, 2015, so your ballot must be received by then.

New Meal Reimbursement Changes

Read the tax implications for certain meal reimbursements, written by  Full Story

Upcoming Merit System Rules Changes

Coming shortly before the Board of Supervisors are changes to the Merit System Rules that should ease  Full Story

CalPERS Posts Big Gain

CALPers posted 18.4% gains in 2014.   This is Great News for All of our Pension Holders.

Los Angeles Times

Courts Finally Getting Some Much Needed Funding

Good news for Court CEMA members as the State Increases Funding to Trial Courts.   Full Story

Unit Based Teams at VMC and County Wide

CEMA is exploring using our Cross Departmental Training feature of our contract to allow CEMA  Full Story

Update of Executive Recruitments

Currently many Executive recruitments are underway or will be shortly and CEMA  Full Story

Daughters of Charity Hospital Sale Falls Through

The deal falls through!  Turns out Prime isn’t interested in the 10-yr deal.  Read California Attorney General,  Full Story

Realignment Update

Read about the newest update as of 2/25/2015.   Full Story

County’s Mid-Year Budget Cycle

By now you’ve probably heard that the County is going through it’s mid-year budget cycle.  During this process,  Full Story

CEMA Makes a Difference in Mid-Year Budget Decisions!

Last month, DFCS/SSA presented a mid-year budget to the County Executives that included 27 positions.   Full Story

CEMA Gets Commitment on Salary Study for EPIC Members

CEMA representatives have successfully lobbied to have the EPIC salaries re-examined by the County  Full Story

CEMA Welcomes New Business Representative Leslie Leone

Leslie Leone was recently hired as the OE3/CEMA business representative.  Full Story

March is the Final Month to Apply for OE3 Scholarships

Be sure to have your sons, daughters, stepchildren or foster children apply for these academic scholarships.   Full Story

Upcoming PD Event May 14

Join us for a Professional Development event with Supervisor Dave Cortese.  Full Story

County Requests a Stricter Background and Credit Check for SSA

he County recently approached CEMA requesting their input on a stricter criminal background  Full Story

Requesting a Disability Accommodation

If you are an employee and you present the County with a doctor’s note indicating that you  Full Story

The What, Where and Who Regarding Your Personnel Files

The Count of Santa Clara Human Resources Practices Manuel is particularly informative on the issue of personnel files  Full Story

A Tale of Two Silicon Valleys

Our members in Office of Human Relations have prepared and in depth look at two distinct communities  Full Story

Venue Change for 6-1-15 Executive Board Meeting

The June 1st Executive Board meeting has been moved from the CEMA office  Full Story

Superior Court Hosts First Labor Management Meeting with Executive Staff

Recently the CEMA Court Advisory Council and both CEMA Business Representatives met  Full Story

Two Great Classes Coming In June

Santa Clara County is offering some great classes that might interest you.   Full Story

CEMA Scholarship Deadline Extended to June 19, 2015

If you have a daughter or son who is attending college or will be attending college this coming academic year, please encourage them  Full Story

CEMA Successfully Persuades County to Push Up Retroactive Payment for Realignments

After meeting with the County and demonstrating financial harm to CEMA members by delaying payment,  Full Story

County CEMA Salary Increase Coming June 22, 2015

County CEMA Salary Increase Coming June 22, 2015

Effective June 22, 2015, all CEMA members will experience an hourly wage increase of 9.46%.   Full Story

DA Assigned to P.A. Court Wins Battle to Return to San Jose

In a somewhat split decision, an arbitrator rules DA Rosen can reassign, but not transfer.  Full Story

Garden to Table

Decades ago in San Jose, 1st Street was a long stretch of apricot trees where you didn’t dare run out of gas  Full Story

Grievance Procedure

One of the greatest values to being a Union members is the right to bring a grievance.  Full Story

US Social Forum Coming June 24-28, 2015

Click on US Social Forum to find out more about this multi-day event covering topics of importance to everyone!

South Bay Labor Council Delegate Report of 6-15-15

CEMA member, Rebecca Haggerty, presents her report back from the SBLC meeting CEMA Delegate Report 06_2015.

Changes to Court Health Plan

All court members have received notice of a change in the lowest cost plan from the current low cost plan, Valley Health Plan,  Full Story

Legal Services Consultation Offered Through OE3

The linked memo has been reissued by OE3 and provides a free of charge initial consultation to supplement protections  Full Story

SEIU 521 Strike Update

By now you are likely aware SEIU avoided a strike and settled with a tentative agreement.  The SEIU membership is currently  Full Story


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