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County Employees Management Association

CEMA Executive Board Member at Large
Steve Gaul,

CEMA Business Representative:
Zeb Feldman,

Superior Court Advisory Council:
Alex Cerul,


Click CEMA COURT CONTRACT MOU 2014 to view the 2014 Court Contract.

Click on the Letter of Understanding between Superior Court of CA and County of Santa Clara  to view information relating to former ACE employees now covered by CEMA.

Click HERE to view the 2012 Court MOU and Side Letter

Click HERE to view the 2009 Side Letter Agreement


If you are called into a meeting which you believe may lead to a disciplinary action or evolve into an investigatory interview about any incident in your work place contact CEMA (408) 289-9691. Several situations have occurred and we want our members to be mindful of their right to have CEMA representation.

Supervisor/Manager Training
There has been an increase in difficult situations that CEMA members have faced while performing typical duties as a supervisor. We are seeing a different set of problems that have resulted in our members feeling caught in the middle, with upper management failing to support us. The Court will be offering a training provided by the County of Santa Clara Employee Assistance Program that is designed to build skills for addressing stressful, difficult workplace issues. You will be hearing more about this as the dates are finalized. CEMA urges members to participate

Court Meet and Confer Report

Meeting Date Involving Results

January 13, 2010                                               Family Court Services                      CEMA member promoted

Educational Requirements for Court Management Employees
Supervisors and Managers must complete 12 hours of qualified education in each designated two- year period.  The current two-year period began on January 1, 2009 and will end December 31, 2010.

Soon you will be receiving a record from H/R of your current status.  Be advised that training outside of the court, including training by the AOC, is dependent on information provided by you the employee.

Tuition Reimbursement Report
From January to August 2010, twenty six CEMA members have requested tuition reimbursement.

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