24 Hour Pay and On-Call Update

24 Hour Pay and On-Call Update


24 Hour Pay is in Full Swing and some folks are receiving it while many are not. Presently the County has authorized the following portions of these listed classifications HERE for 24 Hour Pay totaling about 25 members. However, CEMA has submitted more than 120 folks for 24-hour compensation listed HERE.

CEMA/OE3 has met with the County and discussed the discrepancies in the two lists. The County is going back to its Executive Managers and seeking authorization for those positions the Union states are in fact doing on-call work.

If you believe you are performing on-call work and not listed on the above list of CEMA 24 Hour Pay
Submissions then please contact Zeb Feldman with the following Information:

1) your job code
2) name
3) department
4) executive manager name
5) duties performed that require on-call

If you are not being compensated CEMA will receive a reply from the County in 2 pay periods and we will update you with who is now authorized for 24-hour pay. Those who are denied will be invited to an appeals meeting but our members have told us they would rather not have the duty than have the pay.