OE3/CEMA Forces Public Health to Halt “Blanket Denial” of AWS
Aug 21, 2018

A couple of weeks ago CEMA began to receive emails and phone calls about a rumored “blanket denial” of AWS (Alternative Work Schedule) for any Public Health Department – CEMA staff who supervise staff. CEMA communicated to Health and Hospital System Administration, Public Health Department, and Labor Relations. CEMA demanded that PHD immediately ceases and desist the denial and meet with the CEMA PHD TEAM.


CEMA met with Sara Cody and her leadership team. At the meeting, CEMA clearly communicated that a “Blanket Denial” was not only in violation with the spirit but the letter of the County’s AWS Policy. PHD claimed that there was a miscommunication and they never intended to declare a ‘blanket denial.” Unfortunately, Labor Relations communicated to CEMA members disrespectfully the intent to require CEMA members to be at “their desk for 8 hours or more.”


CEMA meet with Dr. Smith and John Mills of the County Executives to protest this behavior from Public Health. CEMA leaders from Public Health advocated for themselves and their co-workers.  Please stay tuned for more information as it happens. You can also text OE3CEMAPublicHealth to 4848448 to receive updates.