OE3 Halts Intrusive “video spying” program on CEMA members
Sep 04, 2018

In a scene with eerie resemblance of George Orwell’s “1984” CEMA members were subjective to an intrusive live video feed into their homes while they are teleworking. What was described to CEMA was there was a wall in conference room where you could see all the staff teleworking.   Thanks to vigilante CEMA-CAT members and CEMA-VMC Leadership Team who alerted OE3/CEMA business agent, of this intrusive new -policy instituted in one department at VMC, it was halted immediately.

CEMA immediately upon confirmation of the existence of the practice sent a Cease and Desist letter to the Department and County Labor Relations. In that communication “CEMA demands that you immediately cease and desist from this practice for CEMA represented employees.” The communication went further to state “CEMA is beyond offended by this behavior. It is a violation of our members’ privacy…. To be clear the county must cease and desist immediately this practice.”

CEMA was informed before close of business the next day that “The practice has been stopped.” CEMA has communicated to the county that we require “all relevant documents, emails, memos, any and all materials surrounding this practice.” CEMA’s wants to learn “Who had knowledge of the policy and when did they know? Were other departments or county entities circled in the conversation?” CEMA is ensuring that the policy has ended and that never again do CEMA members have to be subjected to such an invasive and disturbing policy again.