CEMA Hits a Milestone with 1,600 plus members!
Nov 14, 2018

After two years of concerted effort by staff, officers and leadership of CEMA and OE3 as of pay period 23 we have reached 1,607 members. Why is this important? Because its about building power. Power to get improved benefits, wages and working conditions in our next contract.

We still have nearly 800 non-members who need to sign up for CEMA membership. Every OE3/CEMA member needs to be an Organizer. If you would like to help build up your Union. Please contact mbrito@sccema.org and sign up to be a Volunteer Organizer.

In every department, cost center, job site, floor, and suite we need organizers. We need to build our union member by member. We now have a new goal let’s shoot for 2K members! Sign Up a Co-Worker on a CEMA App.