CEMA Fights for Wage Increases, Lower Pensions and a Strong Contract
Jul 23, 2019

CEMA Show of Force at the Board – Smart Tactics with Targeted Results
To watch these powerful speakers watch here at time code 44:00 of the June 4th Past Meeting Video
More than 80 CEMA members shirted up, showed up and spoke up at the Board of Supervisors meeting this past Tuesday.  Our wonderful speakers vigorously advocated for a wage increase AND a reduction in our pension contribution.  Holding signs that detail the 12% more we pay than SEIU for the same benefit workers powerfully shared how they promoted into CEMA and lost take home pay.  Strong points made to the Board Tuesday are already yielding results and outreach from County leaders.  
We were told at bargaining 5 years ago other employee groups would pay the same 16% as CEMA towards pension and again told in the last two months during ITCC that our salary comparison to the market could not compensate for our additional contribution to pension.  Now is the time for us to raise and prevail on this issue.  You – our members – clearly stated why a drastic pension reduction is needed in ADDITION to a wage increase not in lieu of one.  
It is unacceptable to create a system where promoting causes financial harm to the worker.  We must correct the loss of take home compensation for promoting to CEMA.  While many issues are of key importance at the table the structural inequities in pay scales, inaccurate class studies comparing CEMA to the outside market and the unattractiveness of promoting to a position with more responsibility for less pay have never been more urgent. 
CEMA will continue to call on you as member advocates to further the fight for an excellent contract.  Your Union leaders and staff have laid the political foundation, begun the conversation with electeds and administration and are now engaging publicly with the County and Community.  
Continue to join us by attending rallies and meetings when called.  Assisting in lobbying efforts, helping to spread awareness to other CEMA members and wear your CEMA shirts at the workplace when bargaining is taking place.  More shirts to come as we just ran out!
Stay strong and join CEMA in thanking our members and E-Board for so ably organizing this event.