Superior Court Offers Covid19 Leave Bank for Those at Maximum
Apr 02, 2020

CEMA Court Members were relieved to hear the positive support from Court Administration that granted essential workers a way to capture their excess time that would otherwise be lost. Please see the below email that went out to all staff.  If there are any questions contact your busienss rep at

Dear Court Team –

We are writing to let you know that employees required to report to work in person at a Court Facility will accrue “COVID-19 time” hour for hour to be used as follows:

·       COVID-19 time must be used within 3 years from the return to normal court operations.

·       Employees will be required to use COVID-19 time before using vacation accruals unless they are within 40 hours of the maximum vacation accrual cap.

·       COVID-19 time is not eligible to be cashed out.

Employees accruing COVID-19 time should track the time worked in person at a Court Facility since March 17, 2020, keeping in mind that when work has been completed for the day and employees are not reassigned by their supervisor, they are released to shelter in place at home. 

Please provide the COVID-19 time accrued on a bi-weekly basis to your Director on the Monday after that pay period ends. For example, for the current pay period of March 23-April 3, please provide the COVID-19 time accrued on April 6.  For the last pay period that included March 17-March 20, please provide the COVID-19 time to your Director as soon as possible. 

Thank you so much for your dedication to the justice system in our County.  Your commitment is deeply appreciated by the entire Administration Team, your managers and supervisors as well as our County Justice Partners, legal organizations and the parties who appear in our courthouses.  

Take good care.