CEMA Contract Ratified By Membership, More than 1200 Members Vote!
Apr 06, 2020

In a historic first, CEMA has successfully conducted its first electronic vote.  The results are in and with an overwhelming majority CEMA members passed both the contract and the bylaws revisions.  

Your negotiations team has double verified the results, compared the voter list to the current membership list and documented the consumed tokens that match with verified members.  After careful review and authentication, we are pleased to announce the below official results.

Total Ballots Cast 1,213


Bylaws Change Results

YES   99%

NO     1%

Tentative Agreement Results

YES   98%

NO     2%

Next steps - the CEMA / OE3 ratified contract has been presented formally to the County for ratification at the Board of Supervisors meeting tomorrow, April 7, 2020.  As you know all financial contracts must go before the board for two readings.  The second and final reading should occur on April 21, 2020.  That means the following pay period is when you all should expect to see adjustments in pay, pension, reductions, the lump sum bonus and other economic benefits.

The Negotiations Team, E-Board and your CEMA Staff want to thank you - THE MEMBERS.  Every step of the way in this bargaining process including strikes, a cascade of fires and power outages and now a pandemic - through it all - YOU the CEMA members - have stepped up and ably served the residents of our county.  This contract reflects your work and the high esteem the Board of Supervisors and County holds for each of you.  The substantial economics of this contract means you can be proud of your work, and the recognition this contract represents.

Stay safe and serve,

Your Negotiations Team