CEMA Pay Increases
Jul 12, 2021

County Pay Increases - Viewable NEXT Pay Advice

County CEMA folks will see their pay increase on NEXT pay periods pay advice, not on this one.  The language from our contract is:

"Effective Pay Period 21/14, June 28, 2021, the County will provide a 3.0% general wage increase for all employees in the bargaining unit, except for those employees in the classifications listed in Section 2.6 below, who shall not receive the 3.0% general wage increase."

This means that the hours you are working today and since June 28, 2021, are all at the higher rate (by 3%) but will not be viewable until the next pay advice is loaded.  We have received dozens of emails, texts and phone calls about this raise.  Rest assured there is no error at this moment and the pay will be reflected in your next pay advice for all County CEMA folks that are NOT RNPA aligned.  Our nursing classifications move when RNPA moves.

Court Pay Increases - Court Administration falls in CEMAs Favor

Court CEMA members - you all can expect a pay increase effective August 1, 2021 as appears in our contract.  Thankfully, Court Administration reached out to CEMA and through discussion we mutually agreed to implement this 3% wage increase for entire pay period encompassing August 1, 2021.  As a practical matter that means CEMA Court employees shall receive an additional 5 days of pay at the higher 3% rate.  Please keep an eye out for this implementation.

Nurse Bonus Payment Update

This is an update for our nurses who should have but did not receive the nurse bonus on June 16 following our arbitration victory.  The County has committed to make those bonus payments on July 16th.  Given the issues thus far, please be attentive and to ensure you receive payment and reach out to CEMA immediately if there are any further issues.