CEMA Membership Application
Sep 10, 2021

CEMA/OE3 is pleased to welcome you to our proud Union. I have highlighted below
some recent accomplishments over the past year and encourage you to join our
professional, powerful and member driven organization. It is only through our ability
to advocate as a unified group that the excellent benefits, influence and
representation we enjoy as CEMA members is possible.

Please review the below recent highlights and return the attached completed
membership document to: membership@sccema.org

From our staff and Executive Board to you - welcome, I think you’ll like it here!

Accomplishments, resources, services and victories YOU can be a proud part of by
joining this great Union. It is because of members like you that CEMA/OE3 has
achieved the best contract in 40 years.

The week after the Covid19 stay-at-home orders hit back in March,
2020 CEMA seamlessly slid into a virtual first strategy. Our Zoom Business account
was activated the following week, we began advertising our own YouTube
page, CEMA website, independent Survey Monkey Account and Facebook page – all
so we can better communicate and get feedback from YOU our valuedmember. Below are some key statistics and links from our online presence allowing
us to service our membership as never before:

Zoom Video Conferencing:
 • Business Account hosting of up to 300 attendees used many times daily
 • 4 meetings minimum per day per agent, plus special trainings and events weekly as well
   as meeting with individual members
 • recent “State of the Membership” meeting drew 280 attendees with entire board and
   staff included admin present
 • Weekly site meeting average attendance up to 70 members compared to 40 in person

YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCfjS3V1x5OeDIebSw2aoXCQ/videos

 • Over 30 videos posted of trainings and meetings with more every week
 • Between 50 and 1100 views per video posted

Survey Monkey: Enterprise Account, Bargaining Survey used in our Contract

 • More than 20 Surveys the past 12 months from unit wide workplace specific
 • 4000 member responses across more than a dozen surveys
 • 1200 ballots cast in record setting E-Board Vote
 • More surveys as needed by workplace every month

CEMA Website: https://sccema.org

 • Enhanced since Board Election
 • Upgrades coming in Q2 – Q4 for a complete overhaul
 • Calendar functionality with all labor management meetings, site meetings and
    committee zoom links, times and attachments posted for easy MEMBER only access

Best Contract in CEMA History

Using the above tools and two weeks after the Covid19 stay at home order was issued
OE3 reps successfully negotiated the richest contract in CMEA’s 40-year bargaining
history and the best contract this year amongst the 40,000 members in four states of
our parent Union OE3.

This contact features:
  • 5 Year Term
  • 3% pay annual pay increase for every year of the contract
  • Year 1 reduction of pension contribution of 5% (meaning 5% more pay)
  • Signing bonus average of $4,300 per member
  • No take aways

Over the 5 years of the contract our membership will realize a total benefit of a 21%
increase in take home pay
with other smaller economic contract improvements not
computed like differentials, more education reimbursement and licensures.
CEMA has crafted and excellent political relationship with our parent union Operating
Engineers local 3 coordinating donations on the local and even state / initiative
level. This year CEMA has budgeted more for politics in this difficult time. Similarly,
sponsorship of local Labor Council meetings as well joint phone banking and walks are
taking place as never before – all this translates to political power in the workplace –
as a public employer, foundationally you elect your boss and CEMA / OE3 is a
safeguard of your rights and privileges in the workplace.

CEMA is a professional Union for professionals. Your staff, board and fellow
members put in the work to research positions, lobby officials, executives and county
staff to get contractual and extra-contractual solutions for you in the workplace. It
doesn’t end with just contract enforcement – CEMA has cultivated credibility with the
highest Elected Leaders in the County, the CEO and departmental executives so when
we host a meeting or advocate a position perhaps making your units delivery of
services better or advocating a policy change you can rest assured your interests are
well looked after.

Job one for CEMA is member advocacy and representation but a close second is
supporting any idea, initiative or position that results in a more prosperous,
educated, healthy or just Santa Clara County for all our residents and staff.

Join us and be part of this exciting, powerful and innovative Union!

Just click the Join Now button above, fill out the attached membership form and email it to:



CEMA Membership Application
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