CEMA Voice - 09-10-21
Sep 21, 2021

 County Board of Supervisors Approves AMA / MA Alternate Staffing

Effective 9-8-2021 all Management Aides (MAide) and Associate Management Analysts (AMA) will now have an easier time moving up to Management Analyst (MA) thanks to CEMA Member and AMA Karen Roberts, of the Behavioral Health Department. 

The Board of Supervisors unanimously approved the classification changes at two public readings and as of this past Tuesday, September 7, 2021 all AMAs can apply for promotion.  The attached form should be filled out with your immediate manager and submitted for processing IF you have been in the position for an appropriate number of years, typically 2-3 and/or are performing higher level duties.  

Alternately staffed classifications are unlike normal classifications because they may be hired at any of the alternate levels and may be promoted without the need for a competitive posting or subesquent interview.  For instance, if you are an AMA/MA alternately staffed code and have worked well for several years you may ask your boss to move you up and by filling out the attached form and become an MA.  

Here is a breakdown of current codes and what alternately coded classifications they will turn into. 

5 MAides become alternately staffed MAide/AMA/MA 
27 AMAs become alternately staffed AMA/MA 
4 Vacant AMAs become alternately staffed AMA/MA 

Please email us at help@sccema.org if you have any further questions about processing this form. 

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