CEMA Voice - 10-15-21
Oct 15, 2021

CEMA County Members to Recieve $2500 in HERO Pay

With the devasting effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, Santa Clara County has taken action in distributing $76 million in checks from the federal American Rescue Plan Act Fund. These “Hero Pay” bonuses will go to approximately 22,000 employees as a token of appreciation for their work during the pandemic. County employees will receive these checks in their December 3, 2021 paycheck.  

Full-time employees will get $2,500, while part-time employees will receive a pro-rated share of that amount. Independent providers of various services, like In-Home Support Services, are not included in the Hero Pay, but they will still receive a $500 bonus. County Executive Jeffrey Smith and none of the County Supervisors will be receiving these checks, with the added option for other County employees to opt-out of receiving these bonuses.  

County Superior Court employees will not be receiving these checks because the County Superior Court system is separate from the main County system and that they have not received any money from the federal American Rescue Plan Act Fund. There still is a possibility for the County Superior Court system to distribute their own form of bonus checks depending on decisions made by Court Administration -  at this time there is no payment pending or planned for Court Employees though CEMA has requested one.  

The money will be distributed equally to all county employees, regardless of their role. Of the roughly 22,000 employees in the county, Smith said about 3,000 are “extra help workers” whose hours vary from as little as five hours a week to up to 40. For how much of a bonus they will receive still needs to be sorted out with their respective union. 

The county has received $187.2 million in American Rescue Plan Act funds so far. It will get a second injection of federal money next year, bringing the total amount to $374.5 million by May 2022. The funds are part of a $1.9 trillion economic stimulus package signed by President Joe Biden in March. 

CEMA/OE3 Hires 3rd Business Rep -  Welcome to Lawrence Su

CEMA is proud to announce we are fully staffed and pleased to welcome our newest member, Lawrence Su.  Lawrence joins us with substantial political experience and is a welcomed addition to our CEMA/OE3 family.  If you see Lawrence around the office, please welcome him warmly and he will be visiting all of the sites on his route in the coming weeks.  

This is great news for all of us as we will be able to provide deeper individual representational responses now.  Below is the new Route Assignments of our respective Business Representatives.

Lawrence Su's Route - CELL 408.636.3600  email: lsu@sccema.org

Clerk of the Board of Supervisors

County Executive

Risk Management

Controller – Treasurer Department

Department of Tax & Collections 

Local Agency Formation Commission

County Clerk-Recorder


Procurement Department

Employee Services Agency

Fleet Services

Registrar of Voters

Office of Supportive Housing 

County Communications 

Department of Child Support Services

District Attorney

Public Defender Office 

Pretrial Services

Sheriff's Office

Department of Correction 

Probation Department 

Planning and Development

Department of Environment Health

Division of Agriculture (Department of Environmental Health)


Vector Control District

Roads Department

County Airports

County Library District 

Department of Parks & Recreation

Adam Cole's Route - CELL 408.694.8645 email: acole@sccema.org

Medical Examiner-Cornoner 

Public Health Department

County Counsel

Custody Health Services

Community Health Services

Emergency Medical Services

Valley Health Plan

Santa Clara Valley Medical Center

Behavioral Health Services

Zeb Feldman - CELL 408.621.5618 email: zfeldman@sccema.org

Technology Services & Solutions including all technical codes in Federated Areas

Social Services Agency SSA

Superior Court of Santa Clara