2022 CEMA Endorsements
Apr 27, 2022

CEMA is happy to announce its endorsements for 2022! 

CEMA empowers our members to improve the quality of their professional lives by advocating for improvements in salary, benefits, working conditions, and professional environment. It is important for CEMA to bring accountable leadership and ethical management to all levels of the organization our members work in, as well as fighting for social justice through community alliances, electoral politics, and by promoting solidarity among all working people.

We recognize and appreciate the following candidates' support for CEMA's issues and values in their race for a County position:

Claudia Rossi for County Supervisor District 1 (Sole)

As a practicing, registered nurse in South County, Claudia Rossi is the only candidate to have the lived experience and knowledge to lead Santa Clara County in crafting policies that will benefit our CEMA employees and the County’s residents. Knowing that almost a majority of the County’s budget is allotted to its health and hospital system, CEMA strongly believes that supporting a nurse would be crucial in the important decision-making process at the Board of Supervisors. Additionally, Rossi’s work on the Morgan Hill Unified School District Board of Trustees and Santa Clara County Board of Education are examples of years of experience in providing strong fiscal oversight and securing funding for services that helped students in the County to receive a quality education, even during a pandemic. Rossi has all of the qualities and an agenda that proves that she will be a champion for CEMA.

Susan Ellenberg for County Supervisor District 4 (Sole)

Susan Ellenberg has made good on her promise to improve equity and quality of life for children and families during her first term in office. Along with creating the County’s first ever Children’s budget to highlight the County’s services for youth, she also directed the creation of the County childcare facilities fund while partnering with numerous local organizations to secure additional funding for programs benefiting children and families. Ellenberg’s work in public safety and justice highlighted her collaborative workstyle in engaging with community-based organizations, justice advocacy groups, and County departments, as well as ensuring the County continues to deliver its services to the County’s residents effectively. Ellenberg's early support for CEMA's contract campaigns is a testament of her ability to work positively with CEMA in ensuring the County continues to be a strong employer.

Kevin Jensen for Sheriff (Sole)

The Sheriff’s Office employs almost two thousand sworn and non-sworn personnel and provides protection across the County, as well as oversees the maintenance of the Santa Clara County jail system. Kevin Jensen brings trustworthy leadership and real solutions to the problems with the Sheriff’s Office. Jensen is by far the strongest candidate due to his nearly three decades of specific experience previously managing with excellence the very jails and major areas of operation now in need of his proven professionalism and collaborative management style. Jensen possesses the leadership skills to bring together all stakeholders to ensure all voices are heard. Jensen understands and values unions as a past union representative and negotiator, and will work collaboratively with all of the unions and associations who are so vital to the public service mission at the Sheriff’s Office in setting a new standard of conduct with ethics and integrity as the foundation for moving forward. Jensen is now returning to serve Santa Clara County again and CEMA looks forward to working with a new Sheriff that is driven to keep Santa Clara County safe.

Jeff Rosen for District Attorney (Dual)

Jeff Rosen has a long history and record of cases that combated violent crimes, investigated political corruption, and ensured police accountability. Recently, Rosen has been tough on prosecuting hate crimes, especially in light of recent, racially-charged incidents across the country. Rosen’s recognition of the trauma and destructiveness in the rise in property crimes, holding criminals accountable for tragedies caused, but also executing discretion to lower the sentences for individuals who have proven they are ready for a second chance shows that Rosen is a seasoned District Attorney that CEMA continues to work well with.

Sajid Khan for District Attorney (Dual)

As District Attorney, Sajid Khan is committed to investing in mental health services and other alternatives to incarceration that are proven to prevent violent and property crimes. Khan is focused on addressing the root causes of crime and reducing recidivism, but also emphasized being an independent District Attorney that will hold police accountable when they violate the law. Khan’s 13 years of experience as a public defender for the County and long roots as a resident makes him a candidate who deeply knows the lives and stories of the County’s diverse community. CEMA is confident in Sajid’s ability to be an effective District Attorney.

Andrew Crockett (Sole)

Andrew Crockett has been a committed and active CEMA member for many years, working for the County in its Assessor's Office. Crockett has presented a comprehensive plan to implement an urgent and long overdue overhaul to the Santa Clara County Assessor’s Office, which would return it to serving all Santa Clara County residents, not just the investors, as well as transform it into a center of public service that will equip the Office with the data-driven solutions needed to address Santa Clara County’s housing crunch. CEMA is supportive of the change and enthusiasm that Crockett brings and we are so proud of him being a CEMA member and also running for elected office. 

If you would like to be involved with CEMA's political program and/or have any questions, please email our CEMA Political Action Committee (PAC) Chair Carla Collins ccollins@sccema.org and CEMA/OE3 Business Agent Lawrence Su lsu@sccema.org