CEMA Voice - April 14, 2022
Apr 15, 2022

CEMA Endorses Candidates for a Stronger Contract in Santa Clara County

CEMA prides itself on well researched, argued and presented proposals that we bring before the Board of Supervisors in support of our contract or other workplace issues. The most significant elections we influence are the County Board of Supervisors themselves and, presently, District 1 and District 4 are up for election along with the Assessor, District Attorney and Sheriff. CEMA is prohibited from using employer emails to promote a particular viewpoint on these elections, but rest assured, we have interviewed all candidates and have strong,  well-reasoned recommendations. Please click HERE or below to visit the CEMA webpage and understand why and who we recommend. Remember - there are 5 board members and any matter CEMA brings before them we must be able to count to 3.


Coffee with Dr. Smith

On March 10th, CEMA’s Professional Development Committee hosted its latest PD event: Coffee with Dr. Smith.  For anyone who was not able to attend the event on Zoom, a recording has been uploaded to CEMA’s Youtube page at the following link:

Santa Clara County CEO Jeff Smith addresses CEMA - YouTube

The event was well attended with over 275 attendees at the peak.  Dr. Smith made a brief presentation of about 15 minutes and then took questions about the state of the County from CEMA members for 45 minutes.  The questions ranged widely but the repeated themes showed CEMA members' current chief concerns about how to increase telework and what the County plans to do about the unprecedented rate of inflation. Finally, Dr. Smith thanked CEMA members for the incredible work you all have done over the last two years keeping the County running during two years of ongoing crisis.  Dr. Smith’s breadth of knowledge and ability to speak competently on every facet of County services and operations is always impressive  and the video is absolutely worth a watch for anyone who couldn’t attend.

A big thanks to the PD committee for its continued string of successful, remote PD events.

Update for CEMA Monterey Members

We are proceeding at pace to get contract negotiations underway for you all and have already submitted an intent to Bargain Letter with the County of Monterey. Current CEMA/OE3 Business Agents are completing the recruitment effort for new members in Monterey. However, thanks to the wonderful recruitment of the Monterey management Council and your own hard work, we have already been able to post a Monterey Business Agent position for hire. 

Apply here if you are interested:


Look for the CEMA listing.

In the meantime, work and representation continues for you all. Business Agents Zeb Feldman, Adam Cole and Lawrence Su are all seasoned and stand ready to assist you in any representational matters that may arise. As long as you are a dues-paying member, we will assist in any way we can with new representational issues. Examples include:

  • Requests for a classification study (likely to be rolled into the contract)
  • Schedule adjustments
  • Equal Opportunity or Skelly Hearing preparations
  • Vaccine Mandate discussions 
  • Advocacy for your program 

If you need assistance with a representational matter: contact help@sccema.org or zfeldman@sccema.org - you are also welcome to text 408.621.5618

Also coming up next week will be the election notice of a Monterey Member to the CEMA Executive Board, so keep an eye out with this abbreviated calendar in mind:

May 2nd - Nominating Petition, statement of candidacy due by 3:00 PM 

May 18th - Electronic ballot e-mailed to Monterey CEMA members in good standing

May 25th - Final day to vote via electronic election close of link at 3:00 PM

May 25th - Election committee to verify ballots and post results on the CEMA website and notice the Executive Board

No sooner than June 4th - Monterey Member-at-Large seated 

We are so excited to welcome you all aboard and look forward to securing an excellent contract for you all.