2022 CEMA Scholarship Winners
Jun 01, 2022

This year we received over 30 scholarship applications for 13 awards. The CEMA Scholarship Committee scored all completed applications by the applicant’s weighted GPA, personal essay, and scholarship-specific essay. Based on the scoring of all the applications, it is the pleasure of the 2022 CEMA Scholarship Committee and the CEMA Executive Board to announce this year's winners:

The CEMA Scholarship Committee was impressed by everyone's application and is excited to be a part of their educational future. Due to COVID we are unable to gather to personally hand out checks but want to celebrate this great achievement and highlight our CEMA Member parents who have some amazing children. Here are some pictures of our winners and their CEMA parents, with statements of what this scholarship means to them:

Neil Shah

"The Shah family is extremely grateful to the CEMA Scholarship Committee for awarding Neil a scholarship. This scholarship will help enable Neil to pursue his undergraduate education and it means the world to us that CEMA is helping out with that journey. It truly takes a village to raise a child and we're thankful that CEMA is joining our village."

Micayla Bork

"This scholarship will help me pursue my dream of improving the lives of those I will meet and serve in my lifetime by becoming a doctor. However, it means more than its monetary value. It is a vote of confidence and reassurance that my plans and goals can have a positive impact on my community. I appreciate the support and I know that when a community works together for change, good things can happen."

Naina Panjwani

"This scholarship means a lot to my family and I as it supports us as my family pays for my college degree; these funds help me obtain a well-rounded education. I'm grateful for the support I received."

Kelly Christian

"My family and I are very thankful for this scholarship. This scholarship means that my hard work paid off with the support of my family. This will help me pay for college where I will major in sociology and plan to become a social worker."

Shweta Raghuraman 

"My family and I are so thankful to have had this opportunity. With the help of this scholarship, I will be able to continue my dream of being on the bioengineering career path. My parents and I have been talking about how costly my education would be for our family, especially after the effects of the pandemic. This scholarship means the world to us as some of our financial worries are now taken care of. Thank you so much, CEMA!"

Eros Garcia

"This scholarship means a lot to my family because it is all in support of my degree. We are very thankful for this opportunity as it relieves some financial stress off our shoulders, and I want to make sure my parents have as little financial stress as possible with my college journey." 

Leah Shamel

"This scholarship is such an honor and my family and I are thrilled to hear that I have been chosen. It is more than just a scholarship for us, as this allows me to continue my education in college to bring me one step closer to becoming a doctor. This scholarship will keep me motivated to stay on top of my classes and succeed because there are people who believe in me, enough to help me fund my education. With this scholarship, I will gain more insight into my future career and be able to apply the cool things I learn in classes to that future. We are so excited. Thank you so much!"

Dylan Tehada

"My family and I are extremely grateful to receive this award. Throughout my life, education has played an integral role in who I have become and who I strive to be. My family has been there for me step by step along my educational journey and has offered me nothing but unconditional support and motivation. My family embodies both a strong work ethic and dedication in their respective careers, and I seek to emulate these qualities through my studies in college and beyond. As I continue my education at Loyola Marymount University, I seek to repay all the time and effort my family has spent investing in my academics. I seek to use my degree in Marketing to make a difference in whatever work I find myself in, and to sustain the hard work ethic that has been inspired in me. I want to thank CEMA for supporting my educational goals and for promoting the importance of education for the next generation of academics."

Ariel Pham

"Thank you so much, and I am very grateful and honored for this award. My family shared my excitement, and my parents are very glad that the cost of my college tuition can be partially relieved due to this scholarship. My older sister and brother were also overjoyed when I shared with them the news that I had received the award. Thank you again for this great opportunity."

Boris Georgiev

"Thank you so much for awarding me with a $500 Merit Scholarship. This scholarship means a lot to me because it is the first scholarship awarded to me and my family and will help pay for part of my education. I am grateful to my mom for being in the union and giving me an opportunity to apply. This scholarship will be used to pay for my college tuition, which will help me achieve my lifelong dream of becoming a scientist and an engineer."

Chelsea Chang

"This scholarship means a tremendous amount to both me and my family. Through CEMA, I can pursue my passions to the highest level and continue my academic career at UC Berkeley. This scholarship opens the door to a world of possibility, and I'm excited to walk through with my family's support by my side."

Jonathan Joseph

"This scholarship will help me in my goal of becoming a primary care provider by helping me cover a portion of my undergraduate tuition. It will also help my first-generation immigrant family send me and my siblings to college."

Remy Francisco

"I would like to thank the CEMA Scholarship Committee for their consideration and time. I am extremely honored and grateful to receive the Undergraduate Scholarship of $2,500. This contribution will allow me to continue to put my best foot forward in my academics, as well as my personal life, as I pursue my Undergraduate Degree and, eventually, my Master's Degree.

I am currently enrolled at the University of California, Santa Cruz as a Freshman with a major in Education, Law, and Community. While I study at the University of California, Santa Cruz I hope to maintain a high GPA of at least 3.9 and continue to participate in extracurricular activities such as dance and work with Legal Services for Prisoners with Children. I will also be working alongside gaining an education in order to gain workforce experience and contribute to the fund for my higher education. Following my scheduled graduation ceremony in June of 2026, I also hope to pursue a master's degree in Law School where I will be able to participate in more rigorous, hands-on courses in preparation for my career. 

Without the support of the CEMA Scholarship Committee, my aspirations would not be attainable. Thank you very much for supporting my journey.  With this contribution, I can continue reaching for my fullest potential on both a professional and personal level."

Benjamin Singer

"Thanks for this incredible opportunity! This scholarship means a lot to me and my family. College is very expensive these days, and getting $1000 off my tuition is such a relief!"

Jack Stenhouse

"This scholarship means a lot to me and my family. As you may know, college textbooks are pretty expensive and this money will be used to help purchase those textbooks."

Raqeeb Mohammed

"This scholarship takes a mountain-full of stress off of me and my family's shoulders. Paying college tuition meant exhausting nights of allocating funds for my parents and countless hours in part-time jobs for me. This scholarship gives me the opportunity to instead focus on my education and grow into a more professional and capable individual. I am extremely grateful to CEMA for this generous award and glad to include them as a key part of  my academic journey."

Congratulations everyone for a very well-deserved award!


2022 CEMA Scholarship Committee

Dawna Mencimer (Co-Chair)

Robin Rivas-Romano (Co-Chair)

Mary Beth Rogers (Member)

Karen Roberts (Member)

Lawrence Su (CEMA/OE3 Business Agent)