Election for CEMA Monterey Member-at-Large Executive Board Seat

Notice to All CEMA Members of Election for CEMA Monterey Member-at-Large Executive Board Seat

Per Article 10, Section 1 of the By-laws there will be a special election for the Monterey Member-at-Large position on the CEMA Executive Board. 

This Special Election is for the remainder of the current term ending on December 31, 2023.  

Only the Monterey Member-at-Large position is up for election and may only be voted upon by members of the Monterey Chapter. 

The CEMA Executive Board is responsible for directing CEMA’s programs including professional development, representation services and collective bargaining.  

Detailed descriptions of the office and duties can be found in the CEMA bylaws. 

Nomination for Office:

  • Nominations will be made by Nominating Petition signed by at least ten (10) members in good standing (dues paying members).  Please confirm membership status with the CEMA office to ensure compliance.  Members may nominate themselves. It is recommended you get more than 10 signature in case some of the signatures you obtain are not dues paying members (use two forms)  

  • The nominating petition must be filed with the Election Committee no later than ten (10) calendar days prior to the emailing of the ballot.  

  • A statement of candidacy may be submitted.

Statement format: No larger than one 8 ½” x 11” sheet, One (1) Picture, No more than 500 words; All margins around the sheet area must be at .5” Typed only; Statement will be scanned and published as submitted (no alterations will be made)

Should no one submit a petition by the deadline, the Election Committee may nominate a candidate(s) without a petition. (Bylaws Article 10 Section 4) 

  • All qualified nominated candidates will be placed on the ballot. 
  • A Nominating Petition is attached, or downloaded from the CEMA website www.sccema.org/

For More Information please contact: Election Committee @  election@sccema.org 

Election  Committee Website: www.sccema.org/

CEMA  Office Phone number:  408?289?9691  CEMA Office Fax:  408?289?1128  

These are the official timelines governing this election (dates are year 2020):

April 18th - Election Notice sent to CEMA membership 30 days prior to electronic election link sent per Bylaws Article 10, Section 3

Remember members who join as late as May 16th will still be eligible to vote but may receive a later email ballot after May 18th.

(what about members who join in a moment, remember only Monterey folks can vote on Monterey)

May 2nd - Nominating Petition, statement of candidacy due by 3:00 pm.   

May 2nd - The Elections Committee to review Nominating Petitions. 

May 18th – Electronic ballot e-mailed to Monterey CEMA members in good standing. 

May 25th - Final day to vote via electronic election close of link at 3:00 pm

May 25th – Election committee to verify ballots and post results on the CEMA website and notice the Executive Board. 

May 26th – June 2nd at 3pm– Challenge period from membership 

June 2nd – Election Committee to review challenges or make an official announcement

No sooner than June 4th Monterey Member-at-Large seated

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