CEMA Announces our Political Picks for Santa Clara County

CEMA Announces our Political Picks for Santa Clara County


After careful consideration and interviews spearheaded by the CEMA Political Action Committee, we have made Union endorsements for the following Countywide Offices:

Supervisor District 4

Supervisor District 1



These races are the bread and butter of CEMA’s political power.  Due to our ability select our own candidates that may differ from other local unions we can shape CEMA’s destiny in a distinct way.  Recently we won new rights for our members in the Sheriffs office and we are asserting rights in the Assessor as we have not before.  Our alliances with the Board of Supervisors are why we have been able to gain substantial mid-contract adjustments and move legislative agendas.  Presently we enjoy a labor friendly board and we have strong allies for delivery of services to the public.  We must strive to keep these dynamics in the County through the upcoming election especially given the National political shift that is increasingly hostile to California and Santa Clara County.  Stay engaged, vote and help us work on campaigns.


Supervisor District 4 – CEMA Endorse Donald Rocha


Donald Rocha was interviewed by over 50 CEMA members in person and convinced us that he was the candidate to deliver better services and be a solid labor advocate on the Board of Supervisors.  Donald has deep experience in the City of San Jose and was previously Dave Cortese’s Chief of Staff.  His solid voting record and tenacious investigation of employees rights being trampled make him a standout Supervisor Candidate.

Supervisor District 1 – CEMA Endorses Mike Wasserman


Re-Elect Mike Wasserman for Santa Clara County Supervisor 2018


We Like Mike! We Endorse Mike Wasserman for Supervisor 2018. Federal and State Elected Officials for Wasserman Tom Campbell, U.S. Congressman (fmr)


Supervisor Wasserman has been a strong partner with CEMA over his tenure in the County and has always opened his door, ears and mind to CEMA and our concerns.  He recently aided us in much needed pay realignments and voted for our 24 Hour on-call pay mid-contract.  It is with pleasure the CEMA continues to support and build our relationship with Mike Wasserman.

Sheriff – CEMA endorses Laurie Smith

Our members at the Sheriff’s office played a significant role in CEMA’s deliberation process to endorse Sheriff Smith.  As an incumbent we know how the Sheriff treats our staff and our members spoke out strongly in favor of the Ms. Smith.  We also know Sheriff Smiths history of lowering crime, enhancing response times to emergencies and quick reactions to public issues made her a standout in the field.

Assessor – CEMA Endorses Larry Stone


After interviewing Larry Stone CEMA conferred with our members at the Assessors office.  Given the long history of openness and candor with CEMA and Mr. Stone as well as his service delivery bona fides CEMA is pleased to endorse him.