CEMA Board to hold a series of Town Halls

CEMA Board to hold a series of Town Halls


The CEMA board has made a major step to move our Union forward. The CEMA Board affirmed the “Contract 2019 CEMA Townhalls.” CEMA Board President, Dolores Morales, from Probation, stated that “This is a listening tour. We want to hear from our members their concerns and what improvements they want to see in our new contract.”

Membership engagement, awareness and above all leadership is an essential part of any successful contract campaign. The first Town Hall will be held at Charcot Training Center, located 2310 First Street, in San Jose, Friday, July 6th. All the Town Halls will be from 12 noon to 1 p.m. There will be a seven Town Halls covering locations from north San Jose, East San Jose, to South County (Morgan Hill) and everywhere between.

Members are welcome and encouraged to bring all their thoughts, suggestions and above all their commitment to getting the best contract, CEMA has seen. We hope to be able to present the results of the first member contract survey. This survey will help develop and craft our contract proposals. We hope to see you at our first Town Hall on July 6th at Charcot. Remember to engage with CEMA via social media on Twitter. Please tweet #CEMATOWNHALL and #WEARESCC to help promote the Town Halls.