CEMA Leads the way @HHS in UBT’s

CEMA Leads the way @HHS in UBT’s


Since its inception, CEMA has proudly played a pivotal role in UBT’s throughout HHS. With Wave 8 ready to launch don’t miss your opportunity to participate.

Calling for Unit Based Team Proposals

Ever wonder what those Unit Based Teams (UBT) are working on?  Watch a video to see what Valley Health Plan’s claims UBT is focused on:  HHS-UBT Video

Already know about UBT and have an idea for a new UBT?  Great!  We can help you.
In early February, we will launch the Wave 8 UBT cohort.  To have your team/project to join the cohort and get all the just-in-time training and support available, please submit an application by December 8th. Information on the process and the application are attached.
To learn more about UBT projects, watch the video or read updates on the teams’ work, please go to:  https://hhsconnect.sccgov.org/sites/scvhhs/labormgmt