CEMA/OE3 Bats 1000 in Primary Elections

CEMA/OE3 Bats 1000 in Primary Elections


CEMA goes 4 for 4 in June election. All of the CEMA Endorsed Candidates for County Positions secured their place in the general election for November or outright win.


Santa Clara County Supervisor for the First District, Mike Wassermann & County Assessor Larry Stone (both CEMA Endorsed) who ran unopposed secured over 50% of votes and won reelection in this past June’s election.

Sherriff Smith secured the majority of the votes and will be run off the runoff this November.

But most impressive, CEMA Endorsed candidate for the 4th district, Don Rocha, overcame an election night deficit to come up on top of the anti-labor candidate.

Don also overcame, a massive pro-corporate and anti-labor independent expenditure campaign to secure his place in the November General. Don Rocha who secured the majority of CEMA member support back in March of this year.

Don Rocha is champion for working families. It is essential that CEMA members continue their support for Don into the general. OE3 along with CEMA was essential in Don’s victory. CEMA/OE3 organized an impressive Member to Member engagement program. CEMA organized phone banks contacted all OE3 (both private and public sector) members living in the district and the county to support both Don and Sherriff Smith. What is clear that those calls played a large role in these victories.

According to Jess Casteñeda, At-Large Board Member from VMC and CEMA PAC Chair, “ We should continue to support our CEMA back candidates. CEMA was key in securing their spot in the General. Our hard work as members in November should pay dividends in the future. Our members should stay tuned to hear on how you can help elect our friends in November.”