CEMA Young Professionals Host Lunch and Learn

CEMA Young Professionals Host Lunch and Learn


The CEMA Young Professionals Leadership Council will be hosting the first in a series of “Lunch and Learns” with special guest to allow all OE3/CEMA members to network with County Wide and Department Executives.

The CYPLC and the new CEMA Board are continuing in their efforts to increase the opportunities for CEMA members to grow professionally in their county career. The “Lunch and Learns” are but one part of it.

The first of the “Lunch and Learns” will be Friday, May 11th at 12 noon to 1 p.m. with SCVMC, CEO, Paul Lorenz. The “Lunch and Learn” will be held at AOB (2325 Enborg Lane) 3rd floor conference room 306.

The CYPLC will be hosting mock interview sessions soon. Where CEMA members will be able to get real time insight.