Local 3 Scholarship Foundation Contest Rules for 2018

Local 3 Scholarship Foundation Contest Rules for 2018


The Local 3 Officers, Executive Board and the Scholarship Board of Directors understand that the workplace is rapidly changing, and many jobs require skills that can be attained only with a good education. Local 3 is dedicated to giving our young people the opportunity to succeed by providing them with the chance to further their education and training. For this reason, Local 3 awards annual scholarships to children, stepchildren and foster children of Local 3 members. Local 3 awards two types of scholarships: Academic Scholarships (winners are judged based on academic qualifications) and Merit Scholarships (winners are selected through a random raffle drawing).

All applications must be postmarked between January 1, 2018 to March 31, 2018.

WHO MAY APPLY Children (including stepchildren and foster children) of Local 3 members may apply for the scholarships. The parent of the applicant must be a member for at least one year immediately preceding the date of the application. Grandchildren are only eligible to apply if their grandparent (member) is their legal guardian. Children of deceased members are eligible to apply for the scholarships if the parent of the applicant was a member for at least one year immediately preceding the date of death.

WHERE TO GET APPLICATIONS OE3 Academic and Merit Scholarship applications are available at the local’s district offices, OE Federal Credit Union branches and online at www.oe3.org.

HOW TO SUBMIT SCHOLARSHIP APPLICATIONS It is the responsibility of the applicant to see that the application is completed in full and that all of the required items are received on time. If any items are missing, the applicant risks ineligibility. Send to: James K. Sullivan Recording-Corresponding Secretary Attn: Scholarships Operating Engineers Local Union No. 3 1620 South Loop Road Alameda, CA 94502 If you have questions, please call the RCS Office at (510) 748-7400.

Academic Scholarship Application

Merit Scholarship Application