OE3 Responds Quickly to CEMA Members’ Concerns

OE3 Responds Quickly to CEMA Members’ Concerns


Yesterday morning CEMA members were shocked and dismayed to learn that CEMA President Vincent Reyna and Board member Dania Shaffer sent out notices to the members notifying of a “Special Meeting.” The notice that, was selectively sent to certain members and not sent to others, notified members of an election to disaffiliate from OE3 with only 10 days’ notice. What makes matters worse is that two board members, who are the proponents of this illegal action, are in fact the subject of a recall petition that was delivered on Monday, October 16th with almost as many members who cast valid ballots in the last CEMA election.

This illegal election is proposed to be held in one single location and only allowing 10 minutes for actual voting. The location in question has a maximum capacity of 100. Holding the election in that location in that short window put the results in question. Neither the full board nor staff authorized this notice. In fact, the notice is in violation the CEMA’s own bylaws, OE3 affiliation agreement, and democratic principles.

It seems apparent that this move is an attempt to thwart the democratic process of members recalling these two board members. One member wrote “How undemocratic! CEMA members need to vote no just on the principle of opposing a rigged election.” Of the single location balloting, that same member wrote “This is would be like ROV scheduling a County-wide vote and having the only precinct located in Los Gatos Hills. Too bad for San Jose, Morgan Hill, and all the other cities. And too bad for democracy.”

Yet another member wrote “Respectfully, you stopped reading the bylaws a few sections too early. A meeting, not even a “Special meeting” is an election. An election is called by the duly appointed Election Committee, not the President. Please review Article 11 of the bylaws, at a minimum Section 4 calls for a 30-day notice.
In addition, as a long-time union member, I am offended by your obvious attempt to hold a rushed sham election. Short notice, well below the required 30-day notice? A single voting place? A 10-minute voting window for a union with eligible voting 1400+ members? ”

OE3 has heard our members loud and clear. OE3 has sent the attached letter to both Dania and Vincent, we can only hope that they hear your voices as well. We remain stronger together.