OE3/CEMA Office Hours @ Your Workplace

OE3/CEMA Office Hours @ Your Workplace


Your CEMA Business Agents have been hard at work creating new and innovated ways to better serve our members. Whether they be increased Labor Management Meetings, UBT’s, Budget Engagement Workshops, or Leadership Councils they are constantly at work.

OE3/CEMA is proud to roll-out #OE3-CEMA@Work. We will begin with the VMC Campus the 2nd Thursday of the Month.

Beginning December 14th we will have office hours 9-5 at AOB Conference Room 306. You can come in or make an appointment with our San Jose Office.

VMC OE3/CEMA Office Hours and Locations for 2018:
1/11/18, 2/8/18, 3/8/18, 5/5/18, 8/9/18, 10/11/18, and 11/8/18  – Conference room 306 (AOB third floor)

4/5/18, 6/7/18, 7/5/18, 9/6/18, and 12/6/18  – Conference room 206 (AOB second floor).