Parkmoor Move Triggers Discussion with CEMA PHD Staff, the Department and...

Parkmoor Move Triggers Discussion with CEMA PHD Staff, the Department and FAF


A couple weeks ago CEMA heard rumors from our members who work at the Sabrato Center for Nonprofits about an “eminent move” to a new location on Story Road. Although it has been known for some time that the Public Health Department will need move from the Parkmoor location. However, it was how the process rolled out about a “potential” move. CEMA was not officially notified, staff were communicated through emails with little actual information. CEMA was able to obtain copies of emails. Armed with those emails CEMA made a request for information to the Department, ESA and County Executive’s office. Initially, LR and department denied that any communication was sent to staff. After CEMA produced the emails the county, the department and FAF agreed to meet with CEMA and PHD CEMA Staff who were affected. CEMA also learned that in addition to moving Parkmoor staff the department was “considering” moving Public Health Nurses from their service center in North County to East San Jose forcing their clients to travel 14 (plus) additional miles to see their health care provider.


CEMA worked with our PH Members to organize a meeting and discuss options and strategies on how to approach our concerns.  After this meeting, outreach emails, and calls CEMA meet with ESA, PHD and FAF. CEMA was officially given notice of a potential move. CEMA stronger expressed our deep displeasure on how the county handles the communication to our members. More meetings are scheduled and tour of potential new sites are planned as long as meetings with the Board of Supervisors to ensure that the delivery of service to our community is not hampered or harmed as well as our members’ rights are protected please stay tuned for more information in next weeks to come.