SSA DFCS Reorganization Documents

SSA DFCS Reorganization Documents


CEMA just received the County’s Proposal for the ongoing DFCS Reorganization.  Your Union has requested a meet and confer with the County to review CEMA members comments, concerns, suggestions and changes.  Please review the linked PDFs and attend the Planning Meeting and ultimately the Meet and Confer with the County.  The documents presented on our website are the County Proposals and are NOT the final reorganizational document.  If you have comments, suggestions or alternatives to this reorganization proposed by the County let us know at the meeting we will be hosting shortly to discuss.

In the past successful arguments for changes in County proposed reorgs are operational concerns that were overlooked, poorly matched skillsets and negative client service delivery impacts.  Of course we can make other points but these are the strongest areas.

Next steps:

Internal CEMA meeting

Meeting and conferring with County

Union Notice of Reorganization

2018 Reorg Matrix

South County Org Chart

Admin Director Org Chart

Family Support Org Chart

Early Intervention Org Chart

Stability Org Chart

Admin Org Chart

Well Being Org Chart

Prevention Org Chart