TSS PSJ Move to 990 Race Street – A Temporary Move

TSS PSJ Move to 990 Race Street – A Temporary Move


CEMA / OE3 met with TSS (former ISD) to discuss the  move of CEMA staff from 400 Race Street to  990 First Street.  CEMA members in attendance asked questions and received answers concerning parking spaces, floor plans, bathroom renovations and conference space.  If you have concerns about the move please contact zfeldman@sccema.org by 8-10-18 as CEMA plans to concur unless significant objections are raised.  

A rough timeline would be to move in November to December after the Court Odyssey go-live but as we know move dates are never a guarantee.  

This move of PSJC staff will likely not be permanent as discussions concerning the County Acquisition of the Tasman Facility with a possible eventual move of TSS will commence in the coming months.

Benefits of this move include:

Proximity to customers

Race street is more suitable to public facing departments due to the reception area and lobby allowing for swing space with upcoming 70 West Renovations

Have PSJ TSS staff all in one location


Here are the floor plans of 990 First Street

And parking plans of 990 First Street