Update: Candidate Statements as of January 20, 2017

Update: Candidate Statements as of January 20, 2017


The deadline for receiving CEMA Executive Board Member Election nomination forms was on January 4, 2017 at 3:00 pm. There were 15 nominations submitted and all 15 candidates qualified for their candidacy.

Please see list below of Executive Board Member offices and their qualified candidate statements. The order of the candidates’ names was chosen at random and will appear on the ballot in the same order.

The deadline for receiving a second candidate statement was on January 20, 2017 at 3:00 pm. These are now posted to the website. The second statement is referenced as “January 20th Statement” next to the candidates’ name.

Click on the candidate’s name to view the first submitted statement and “January 20th Statement” for the second submitted statement.

President (1 Vacancy)

Vincent Reyna                              January 20th Statement

Esther Peralez-Dieckmann           January 20th Statement

1st Vice President (1 Vacancy)

Lucy Sylva                                    January 20th Statement

Edna Esguerra                              January 20th Statement

2nd Vice President (1 Vacancy)

Martin Contreras                          January 20th Statement

Dolores Morales                           January 20th Statement

Treasurer (1 Vacancy)

Maria Fuentes                              January 20th Statement

Jim Piazza                                    January 20th Statement

Secretary (1 Vacancy)

Carla Drina Collins                       January 20th Statement

Sandra Vallesteros                      January 20th Statement

Member At Large – County (3 Vacancies)

Jesse Castaneda                          January 20th Statement

Leticia Rosado                             January 20th Statement

Dania Schaffer                             January 20th Statement

Teresa Castellanos                      January 20th Statement

Jonathan Weinberg                     January 20th Statement

Member At Large – Superior Court (1 Vacancy)

Steve Gaul                                    January 20th Statement