We move Forward as One United Union!

We move Forward as One United Union!


Dear CEMA members,

On March 15, 2018, the CEMA Board received a resignation letter from 1st Vice President Lucy Sylva. In this email, she resigned both her membership and position on the Board of CEMA and OE3. Today, the CEMA Board accepted Lucy Silva’s resignation. In addition, Philip Chantri, past president also resigned. Mr. Chantri has accepted a position with another County as the Register of Voter. The CEMA Board congratulates Mr. Chantri and would like to thank him for his years of service as part of the CEMA board and all of the great contributions he has made on behalf of the Union. Lastly today, Vincent Reyna, President, resigned from the CEMA Board and the board accepted his resignation. We want to thank past board members for their time on the board and their contributions.

2nd Vice President Dolores Morales has agreed to move into the position of  President of the board. The Board will be communicating how we will proceed in the filling of the other vacancies.

At this critical state as we approach bargaining with the County and Court – we face a national political environment that is outright hostile to public servants, we need unity, strength, integrity, and organization. We need to be strategic in our work.

We are prepared to move our union in that positive direction. We are proud of our members and the staff that have worked tirelessly to maintain our unity during these difficult times. During the last half year, our union membership has seen upward growth. We now have more members than at any point in our history and are nearing our highest percentage of membership ever. Our staff have increased membership involvement with Budget Engagement workshops, an enhanced and improved communication network, more site meetings, more Labor Management Meetings, and a record number of mid-contract improvements netting CEMA members hundreds of thousands of dollars in our pockets. OE3 has also ensured the highest level of integrity in the audit process, providing the auditors with all necessary information while safeguarding the memberships privacy.


CEMA Budget Engagement


We eagerly approach bargaining knowing that we have quality staff, a strong affiliate partner in OE3, and above all, an engaged and organized membership. Through the months to come, we need you the membership to continue to be engaged and informed. Please continue to move our union forward. Please take any opportunity to participate in our union, whether it be politically, in area meetings, or bargaining.

Proudly Serving you,

Your CEMA Executive Board